What type of energy drink can you get on food stamps? | The Energy Drinks Buzz!!

Red bull went thru but monster didnt.. anyone else ever gotten any kind thru (Florida)
Did i ask for your pathetic little lecture? no.
im a kid you idiot i cant get a job yet.

OP, it’s really mean what most of these people said to you. That one poster was the only one that answered your question.

To the general answerers: As you know, food stamps are given to people who need them and who qualify for them. If the kid needs an energy drink, so what? Let him have it. There are good things in these drinks too, it’s not like eating mountains of candy bars so you judgmental people out there can be happy. I thought at first he was talking about ensure or something like that. And just to educate you folks out there, the food stamp program is a FEDERAL program, not state. Until you have walked the walk, you have no reason to talk.

So, OP, like the one lady said, just try it and if it won’t go through you will have to either put it back or pay for it out of pocket. I hope you and your family can pull out of this soon. I know it’s a really hard thing to do.