How come energy drinks don’t work for me? | The Energy Drinks Buzz!!

THe same with coffee. I have drink numerous cups and still feel tired. I must have tried all the energy drinks out there and none work for me. Recently I tried the 5 hour energy shot and nothing. If anything, it makes me feel more tired and slightly nauseous, kinda like car sickness. What’s wrong with me that these drinks aren’t doing anything for me?
because coffee doesn’t work for me, I don’t drink it. When I say I tried a lot of energy drinks, I don’t mean one after the other in a small period of time. I’ll try one every few months or so. So, I really don’t think it’s because I have too much caffeine.

alot of these do nothing for me also- nausea and headache

fatigue is common in women and often has a treatable cause.
most common causes are anemia and hypothyroidism.

take care!