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Here’s a look at all the drinks from FRS Healthy Energy. Cans, liquid concentrate, and powder packets.

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  1. DefConservative says:

    @87PowerMan lol
    @87PowerMan lol

  2. coachlevi says:

    @XFBO I’d call it a …
    @XFBO I’d call it a yellow-orange. It’s not truly orange, but it shouldn’t be yellow-green like the Lemon Lime FRS though.

    I’ve had unopened bottles sitting at room temperature for months at a time with no problem.

  3. XFBO says:

    Is the orange …
    Is the orange concentrate more of a lime color……had my bottle sitting for a few month at room temperature, now that I plan on using it Im noticing that it’s NOT orange in color.

  4. 87PowerMan says:

    FRS energy sucks, …
    FRS energy sucks, you get more from eating two banana’s! Plus dealing with customer service is a joke. I had to call my bank and have them not allow frs to bill my credit card anymore

  5. JTO500 says:

    werid feelings from …
    werid feelings from not drink it! DANGER

  6. reenlist82 says:

    Im not doing any …
    Im not doing any hard core stuff right now like aerobics running boxing but doing like 200 pushups a night and 200 trunktwists while having 2 frs energys a day just doing that much exercise im noticing it really does give you a good amount of sustained energy and it does like other energy drinks upset my stomahe but not as much. I give it a 9/10 as far as energy drinks go and believe me ive must of drank atleast 15 different kinds

  7. DrinkGPEnergy says:

    YOu should review a …
    YOu should review a better energy drink. FRS is good but there is a better one. GP Energy find it on my profile

  8. MissXocaiable says:

    Xe tastes amazing …
    Xe tastes amazing and is distributed by MXI, which is a very very reputable company and you can virtually get a case of it for free if you sign up with 2 friends.
    Both have Quercetin which solves the energy crash problem. Xe also has cocoa & acai, the 2 most potent superfruits on the planet which loads it with antioxidants. Antioxidants are important to fight free radical damage, especially necessary post-workout

  9. MissXocaiable says:

    Have you looked at …
    Have you looked at the ingredients in Monster? Its mostly sugar. Your better off eating a brownie. More satisifying and you will get the same energy crash. Xe Healthy Energy is great before a workout. Its all natural with no caffeine. I quit coffee 2 weeks ago and the Xe has given me so much energy.

  10. MissXocaiable says:

    try Xe Healthy …
    try Xe Healthy Energy. They pay you to drink it and there is a contest going on right now where you can get 6 cases for free along with a trip for 2 and a promo vehicle.

  11. bradtube1 says:

    @MarkSJCA2 Yeh – …
    @MarkSJCA2 Yeh – talk about getting ripped off… Watch out for the “free” offer on the web. I had? to pay for shipping (using credit card) and didn’t realize I signed up for a monthly subscription to the product and got charged $62 automatically. It’s ok stuff, but their trickery has turned me off totally.

  12. 87PowerMan says:

    You get just as …
    You get just as much energy if you ate two bananas too. Which is what I’m doing.

  13. 87PowerMan says:

    lol, I’m sorry that …
    lol, I’m sorry that it’s not working for you. I meant to cancel mine yesterday. The website is a though. I like how they prevent you from canceling an order, but you can delay the next shipment. You just got to call and yell and complain, otherwise call you credit card provider and tell them not to accept FRS. I had to do that once for a different company.

  14. MarkSJCA2 says:

    It doesn’t work any …
    It doesn’t work any better than Orange Juice concentrate with vitamins mixed in… which is basically what it is. You can do the same thing for a fraction of the price. DON’T GET RIPPED OFF LIKE I DID.

  15. MarkSJCA2 says:

    I’ve now called …
    I’ve now called THREE times and they still haven’t canceled me! When I called back the second time they couldn’t find the record of the first call and said because they couldn’t find it I had to keep the shipment.(Convenient). I then called them the THIRD time and they claim to have lost the second call record!!! I’m convinced it’s a scam and have now resorted to working through my credit card company only which has been more effective. I can’t believe Lance Armstrong supports this company.

  16. 87PowerMan says:

    well its no a scam, …
    well its no a scam, you just have to actually talk to them and say, “NO I DO NOT WANT IT ANYMORE BITCH!”

    I know exactly what you mean, I called the first time and somehow then convinced me to take another order to feel the side effects and just today I realized I forgot to cancel, ME!

  17. gamrkidd says:

    check frs dotkom. …
    check frs dotkom. chews and concentrate bottles at stores are 20USD, dont know about the rest

  18. ApplesAreLethal says:

    Google it, lol
    Google it, lol

  19. lwarnos says:

    Nice name. We share …
    Nice name. We share! :)

  20. lvnthedream88 says:

    definitely more …
    definitely more safer and just as potent as other energy supplements such as N.O Explode and even Monster Drinks.

  21. eddu32 says:

    how much does it …
    how much does it cost?

  22. MarkSJCA2 says:

    I tried FRS and …
    I tried FRS and can’t cancel! Still, to this day! I’ve called twice and spent a good hour or so studying the website looking for SOME way to cancel my order. Even after calling I still get stuff and still see more coming online. It won’t let me delete my last item with the message “You can’t delete your last item.” When I try and change the credit card, it tells me the the new number is invalid. There’s no place to delete the order/seris.. DON’T BUY THIS… YOU’LL BE SCAMMED LIKE I WAS!!

  23. VitaVeritasVictoria says:

    I realize you …
    I realize you posted this comment a year ago, but I have to agree with you. I’m a mom of three boys and tried this drink just this morning. It works! I’ve tried other energy drinks but this one really does what it says it will do. Especially for my fibromyalgia as well. Hope your still feeling well. :O)

  24. VitaVeritasVictoria says:

    I agree with ( …
    I agree with (reenlist82)
    It doesn’t taste too great, a little bit of a bitter after taste….but I’ve tried all of them out there and I tried this one this morning and I’m ready to go!!! I’m a mom of three boys no less. I usually wake up and feel really drained no matter what, but this stuff really works and I only drank it about 20 minutes ago….It’s not a jumpy energy which I like. But I’m ready to start the day now. It really does work!! Try it!!

  25. reenlist82 says:

    Out of all the …
    Out of all the energy drinks ive had, beginning with red bull in 1997 then in 04 again while doing convoys in iraq (used to drink it to stay awake) monster,full throttle,amp,red bull cola, cocaine energy drink, franks energy cola, no fear,lost energy, hansens energy, redline, ,rip , and just about all the flavors, sugar free, xenergy, FRS doesnt seem to have that crash and its sustained energy and it doesnt taste great but its definitely . I give it a 9.5 some points off for the taste