How do I get more energy?

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Hello! :)
I am looking for advice on how to gain more energy without using energy drinks or anything that could (in the long term) have a negative effect on my body. I want to be ale to get 6 hours of sleep a night (I am cramming for tests) but still be active during the daytime while studying. Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.

I take B12 (It’s an energy increasing vitamin) that you can buy anywhere vitamins are sold. I don’t drink energy drinks like Red Bull or Monster because they are bad for you and are loaded with sugar which will end with a crash. However, 5 Hour Energy Shots REALLY work and have no added sugar and are good for you, not bad, plus they are small and don’t make you feel bloated. My neurologist recommended I drink coffee because it actually helps you focus at school really well and isn’t BAD for you in moderation. Good Luck!

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About a month a go I drank a monster and about 4 hours after drinking it I felt numbness in half of my hands and arms. Today I drank one again and the same thing happend I was also very shaky. Is all this normal?? Oh and I’m 15

I drink energy drinks all the time, it gives me an extra boost during long days. I’m very athletic, and very fit, so my body handles them differently than yours.
The long term side effects are not known at this time about them, but there are many different explanations from non-experts(as you read in other answers). 6 week body
I would advise only drinking a small portion of one. Your not used to the boost it gives, so start off slow.

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my dare teacher said it’s not good for you but it’s not only the sugar that
‘s bad for you what else is bad in it and why isn’t it good for your body???? what can happen to you????

there is a ton of sugar and other caffeinated products that just arent good for your body


I’ve never had russian coffee before but the way the can looked was really cool so i ended up buying it before I could taste it, I hope it is’nt gross lol

So is it good?

Yeah. It is deliciuos!


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